Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pantry Thoughts

One of the things that makes me incredibly sad is the fact that I cannot have fruit plants in my apartment. Technically I can, but most fruit plants are not movable, and last much longer than one year. (Hmm... strawberries... nope, I have no room.)

With this lack of fruit, much of what I would store in a pantry is bought, sadly. This is rice, flours of all shapes and sizes, nuts, and anything involving fruit.

However, some of my garden ideas CAN be pantrified.

-- Tiger Eye Beans: dried
-- Vermont Cranberry Bean: dried
-- Wax Bean: canned
-- Midnight Black Turtle Bean: dried
-- Sugar Snow Pea: frozen
-- Herbs of all shapes and sizes: dried/keep growing :-P
-- Tomatoes: canned, tomato sauce, etc.
-- Cabbage: lactofermented, canned
-- Cucumber: pickled
-- Zucchini: frozen
-- Summer Squash: frozen

Root Cellar Storage Items:

-- Cabbage
-- Carrot
-- Watermelon
-- Cantaloupe

Here's to hoping that I have enough of my plantings to actually store!

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