Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food Challenge

So I've joined Zu'ul into Crunchy Chicken's Food Waste Reduction Challenge for 2010. Basically, the idea is to lower food wastes for the month of February. For us, this will mostly mean cooking/eating at home, eating leftovers, and eating what's in our fridge.

I don't think this will be TOO difficult for us, but we are notorious for looking in a full fridge and pantry and deciding to order pizza instead. :-P

So, starting with dinner tonight, we're having a go! Because the package of tofu that I bought the first week of December might be going fairly soon, I fried it up, and made a yummy, yummy sauce with pineapple juice, soy paste, duck sauce and a smidgen of potato starch. Served that over some rice that may or may not be slightly infested (what I cooked wound up not having anybody float) and needed to be used up before any of our large containers of stored rice. (Also, then it'd be another container for storage!) Threw in some frozen peas that had been in the very back of the freezer for a LONG TIME, and I consider it a fabulous meal.

We're on our way.

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