Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glass Straws!

As one of my roommates and I both use an excessive amount of drinking straws (you don't want to see me drinking anything without one!), we are going to try Glass Dharma's re-usable, "glass" straws.

I learned about this company and the concept over at Retro Housewife Goes Green with this post

It's funny, because sustainable straws are something that I've been thinking on a lot. Not necessarily re-usable glass ones, but thinking more on the origin of straws: as a piece of straw from the fields! But as I couldn't see any easy way to obtain this natural straws, I left myself ruminating and drinking out of plastic.

But! Housemate and I are going to try these out, one for her, one for me (two slightly difference sizes to see what we like) and a bamboo carrying case apiece. If we do like them, we'll buy more for the house, but not the carrying cases -- those are specifically for our purses!

If and when we get the ones for the house, we will probably store them in a similar way to how one stores art brushes -- in a roll up bag of, usually cloth.

Picture of a sample holder.

The image is of bamboo, but that's the only one that they showed that was open!

I'll let it be known what the opinions of the straws are.

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