Monday, June 6, 2011

Life, dedicated to Rimi

Just got back from NY for family stuff. My sister's graduation party was on Saturday, and my mother's boyfriend's son's wife's baby shower was on Sunday. The blanket I was making was finished Saturday night at 1am and was well received. (The lady in question went: 'holy cow this is thick!' and I was like 'uh, yeah, blankets are supposed to keep you warm?') For those who understand such things, it was a 5mm hook, sport weight yarn and all single crochet in a zig-zag pattern. It was practically waterproof! :-P

One thing that was absolutely darling about the shower was that instead of a card, guests were asked to bring and sign a baby book instead. So they received many many baby books, and not a single duplicate! There were some of the classic Little Golden Books (not quite the Pokey Little Puppy but along those lines), a few Dr. Seuss and many that I recognized from my childhood. My sister got a baby book version of Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton who did another book that I love called Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel about a guy who takes a bet to dig a cellar in a day and succeeds. :-P I got a "Baby's First Farm" book with big colored tabs with a picture of the ducks on the page, or the cows, or the pigs... etc. So if baby likes the pigs, all they have to do is find the colored tab with a pig on it.

Mister's little sister S is turning 15 on Tuesday, and we're heading up to his mother's house for the party. Part of her present will be helping her recover her ancient piano stool (at the suggestion of his mother) so I created a little coupon for it:

I had initially intended to use my calligraphy pens and ink, but when I did the practice version, I had a lot of problems getting the sizes that I needed, and the proper angles (all of my 'o's were crooked with the pens...). So I bought a super-fine point Sharpie and created it this morning.

Is this enough of an update for you R? I was super busy last week trying to finish that blanket, and procrastinating equally hard on said blanket!


  1. *sniffs pointedly* I suppose it will do for now. Since clearly nothing more will be forthcoming till T's sister's birthday is over. *sniffs some more*

    Girl, are you kidding me? I loved that! It's like a peek into the kind of social life I've been missing so much -- people and celebrations and personal, hand-crafted gifts that you couldn't buy for love or money. Sigh. This was lovely!

  2. Also, can I arm-twist you into changing this template into something with a lighter background? A little more splash of colour, maybe? I love pottering about with templates every once in a while :-)

  3. Oh, and I'm totally bombarding you with attention here in the middle of all your busy socialising, but I want to shoot a photo-series of you creating a completed article of clothing out of just-bought fabric. Cool? What kind of clothing would you pick?

  4. So what is going on with your life that you don't have these parties and life happening? You gotta get yer butt over here and we'll whirl you up in it again!

    I have zero problems creating an article of clothing for the camera -- what would YOU like to see created? I think the only thing for myself that I have on the list is a sundress or something.

  5. Sundress would be great! Perhaps I could make a matching cloth handbag and take pictures of that too.

    P.S: you won't believe the trouble I'm having with a simple A-line dress. Body shapes, body shapes :-(