Friday, June 24, 2011


So I had had some buttermilk chillin' in the fridge, creeping past it's sell-by date for a while. When I saw this post by Tigress in a pickle, I had to jump at it!

I lowered the size to one quart of buttermilk and one half pint of cream, and it turned out delicious!

In order to celebrate the ricotta, and my birthday present from my mom, I made home-made herb pasta (herbs being basil, oregano and rosemary finely chopped), cut it on the wide pasta setting, and served with fried garlic scapes, kale and ricotta on top. Absolutely delicious! My only problem with the meal was that since I had to roll it out by hand, I wound up using a lot of flour on the outside, and it made it a bit goopy when cooking. So I need to get around to buying the pasta roller, as homemade pasta was otherwise a breeze.

There will be pictures, I'm just too lazy to pull them off of the camera atm. :-P

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