Friday, June 24, 2011

Links and More Links

As always, lemme clean out my browser windows:

my favorite gutters comic

Fruit and Custard Pie

Galit Barak's blog -- a jeweler who crochets wire and attached semi-precious gems (and a lot of pearls!)

Skillet Cornbread

An interesting granny square

Obelisk Fiber Arts' Etsy specializing in weaving

An adorable embroidered pillow

A recipe for spoon bread


  1. Have you made the spoon bread? If so, was it delish? Let me know :)

  2. I haven't, but I probably will this coming week when it's just me around. The woman who's blog I snagged it from ( had this to say:

    "I enjoyed the dish, and it's certainly easy to make even with the need to beat the egg whites, but I think I'm going to tweak this recipe the next time I make it: I'm going to increase the cornmeal to 1.5 cups to make it a tad denser and I'm going to replace the teaspoon of sugar with 1/4 maple syrup because it was neither salty or sweet and I'd prefer a more definite directional leaning. Over dinner, we thought up all of the variations that spoonbread could take—leave out the sweetener and add Parmesan and crumbled and cooked sausage, add cheddar cheese and sweet corn kernels, or go gruyere and ham for a breakfast casserole. Looking forward to seeing where this takes me!"

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  4. I'm back! *fanfare*

    Okay, let's take this vunn atta tyme:
    1. I ADORE that multi-coloured thing you call a granny square. My great-aunt used to make LOADS of stuff like that. And then she would give them away to people, much to my consternation. I would have liked to hoard every. single. one.

    2. I don't like either wedding dress (so kill me :P). I have this distaste for frothy or even just voluminous wedding dresses. Can't explain it. My idea of a lovely wedding style -- especially for someone like you -- is an empire-cut dress, wrapped above the cut and a slight flare to the skirt below, which ends at the knees at the longest. The back could either be a deep oval or V (I'd prefer a wedding dress not to cover the bride's back). And there should a broad sash in aquamarine or turquoise, depending on the wearer's complexion.

    Let it never be said I scrimp on obsessive details :-|

    Also, WHY are we talking about wedding dresses?

    3. That bean thing sounds awesome! And almost exactly like something I made last Sunday (but had no time to post about). The spice thing, love, I'm afraid you'll have to put up with. It might be the sub-par spices they sell at subcontinental shops, it might be the different climate, it might be mischievous kitchen fairies, but it's definitely *something* that makes my curries sediment when I'm in the US too. If my visa's approved, we should try cooking together to see if can address this.

    4. And answer my email!

  5. Ah, both wedding dress options DO come to just below the knee, but they also include ruffled petticoats underneath because I do so love me some floof!

    T and I are finally getting around to planning said wedding (Sept.-ish 2012), and ye gods is it a hassle. That being said, with it being so far off, I keep going "but I wanna do something now!" So I've decided to make myself a shawl for then, and have ordered yarn and will keep myself busy.