Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures From Last Week

Leftovers from this dinner

All of the remaining pictures will be from this meal.

The pile of basil and oregano -- I already chopped the rosemary, it was a 4" stalk.

All of the herbs chopped and ready to go into pasta dough.

A little comparison between the hand sliced and the machine sliced pasta. Guess which is which.

A nice pile of pasta!

Frying the garlic scapes in some olive oil.

The chard all chopped and ready to be briefly sautéed.

My ghetto pasta drying station.

There are no pictures of the final meal, but after sautéing the chard until it wilted, I tossed the drained pasta with the veggies, olive oil and a little of my homemade ricotta.

I also have about 1/3 lb. of my pasta remaining -- soon to be cooked!


  1. Superb meal! I think your family roots must be more Italian than mine:)

  2. Ha, I don't have a drop! Mostly Eastern European with Dutch and Scotch thrown in for good measure. :-P I think the fact that you're living in Italy gives you a strong argument.

  3. Did I ever tell you you struck me as Irish when we first met? I cannot explain it, but there you go!

    Also, might I gloat about my hand-cut pasta skills? I'm pretty decent at cutting narrow strips off the rolled-out dough, PROVIDED you don't want them a mile long. I'll cut them into 12-inch long strips half a cm wide, and I expect people to be grateful for it :P

    Oh and, spices? Totally cool. Tell me which ones to get you and how much? Make a list and email it. I'll let you know the cost, to see if that's fine by you.

  4. Also, I've never had either chard or garlic scrapes before, but this looks SO promising!