Monday, August 22, 2011


Mister and I had a bit of brainstorming Saturday, and this is what we came up with.

Monday: clean out fridge, take out trash, buy groceries

Tuesday: wash floors

Wednesday: (no chores)

Thursday: clean bathroom, new towels

Friday: (no chores)

Saturday: (no chores)

Sunday: sweep floors, dust baseboards and surfaces, wash laundry, put laundry away

As we often have guests on the weeked, or go out ourselves, we wrote in a break. Wednesdays are also no chores because we get home late that day.

We also put together a basic rotating meal plan.

Monday: vegetarian

Tuesday: pasta and salad

Wednesday: breakfast for dinner (Mister's in charge)

Thursday: crock pot (I'm in charge)

Friday: roast chicken or casserole (I'm in charge)

Saturday: no plan

Sunday: soup or stew

We'll do a roast chicken twice a month or so because it's some of the best bang-per-buck options. Tuesdays are pasta because we have band practice, and it needs to be fast. Lunches will be leftovers, PBJ, fruit, trailmix, etc.

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