Monday, August 22, 2011

Surprise packages

So I'm sitting here with the iPad, a cup of tea and the empty bowl of my breakfast (leftover mac n cheese... Don't judge!), when I see a UPS truck stop outside. I gaze at it, and wistfully wish that it was for me... When I heard the 'thump' of a box being dropped by my door. I raced over and pulled in a bit of a care package from my mother.

One ugly as sin but amazingly waterproof, lime green raincoat (I called and asked about it the other day, so this is a desireable item)
Two spiral bound, three subject notebooks, college lined
A Phrase and Sentence Dictionary of Spoken Russian, book
Lavender and Old Lace, book
Taste of Home, magazine
A bunch of photos
A note

Firstly, I want to give a shout out to the post office for charging $9 for this (wtf). The photos are of my new nephew, and of the last three family events that we had. I swear, I am the worst for candid photos. In almost every single one, I am making some manner of a crazy face. The funniest are the few of Mister and me, as we both have this habit. (When we did the engagement photoshoot my friend said we wouldnt stop moving, and we have a tonof pictures of us in the process of speaking.)

But, that was my enjoyable morning - and it reminds me that I have two packages to get in the mail, a pillow for K and CDs for mle.

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