Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing Brekkie!

So yet again, I have cause to say 'I love Ree Drummond.' The most recent reason? This recipe. I have had a sad realization recently folks. Although I still love Heidi Swanson as much as ever, when I need to make something, I turn to P-Dub first. And that's the gospel truth.

But on with the recipe! I took photos (because I love Ree Drummond so much I want to be her -- including her awesome photo recipes :-P).

Fry how ever many eggs you want to eat. I made two.

When it's time, flip the eggs. Please learn to flip eggs better than I can. When I made this recipe THIS morning (as opposed to yesterday's), I was doing so poorly that Mister had to come rescue me and "show me" how to flip eggs properly. I swear, it's not fair how much better he is with a spatula than I!

Anyways. Eggs are flipped. Here comes the fun part!

See that salsa up there? That's coming up next!

Put a good sized glop of salsa on each egg. I did it in a bit of a line, so as not to have it want to fall off the egg.

Cabot Private Stock Cheddar. If you live in a world without Cabot, I weep for you.

Put a couple of slices of cheddar on those eggs! Then eat a couple of slices while you're at it. Also, throw another layer of salsa on there.

Because I cannot actually take proper pictures, let me tell you what those cheeses are. The one with no label is Dragone Whole Milk Mozzarella, and the one that you can't read the label is a Madrigal, which is very similar to a baby-swiss.

I only put one thin slice of the Madrigal, and then two good size slices of Mozz. on top of that (as I'm a wimp when it comes to cheeses other than cheddar or mozzarella).

You're then going to cover the eggs, turn the heat to low/med-low and forget to take a picture. You want the cheese to melt and the eggs to finish cooking. If your eggs take a little longer than just melted cheese point, there's no harm in the cheese melting a little farther onto the pan. Nom nom!

And there we have it. The most delicious breakfast that I've had in a while. It doesn't even have bacon! Although now that I said that, I'm thinking of how bacon and toast would make this the best breakfast sandwich ever...


  1. It's such a pity Pioneer Woman is an image-heavy site. I didn't find out about her till I came back from US-broadband land, and now on my connection her page doesn't open properly even after ten minutes of trying. So I'll shelve my visit to Pioneer Woman when I go back to the States :)

    BUT, L. used to make us a similar breakfast, minus the salsa 'cause neither of us could stomach chilies early in the morning (yeah, not even me). Instead, he would put a slice of ham in the skillet, put a piece of sharp cheddar on it, break an egg when the cheddar was all melty, then put chopped tomatoes and cilantro and fresh basil and onions (no chilies, see?) and another layer of cheese. It was YUM!!!

    Is L. secretly Pioneer Woman? :)

  2. Yes. Yes he is. Have you checked him for curly red hair and a fixation with manicures?