Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is a post that I planned to do about a week ago, and never got around to it as I was a little busy. So Goats!

For some reason, not only have I been seeing goats in a lot of random places, but Mister seems to be half on-board for goats. It's hard to judge, but it's not like he's anti-goat, just doesn't want them right now-ish...?

Anyways. I got an email from my dad (one of those chain emails of course), that had goats in it. Check these pics out!

These pics were taken at the Buffalo Bill Dam, over the Shoshoni River in Cody, WY. Crazy wild goats! I personally love the one on the little ledge in the third pic going "hmm... now how am I getting down from here...?"

Having received such a lovely email, how could I get any more goats? Good question! Turns out, I found a lovely pic of crazy goat antics in a National Geographic at my doctor's office.

Apparently, goats in Morocco love the fruit of argan trees so much that it even makes the wiki page!

Oh crazy, silly goats! How I want thee!

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