Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since I was thinking on it, I put a pillowcase upon the pillow that I am going to use for Mister's kid sis. I did this ahead of time, because I love the way that I put pillowcases on. I'm not allowed to do it for our bed, as Mister grumbles about how uncomfortable he thinks it is, etc., etc.

Look at that cute, adorable, plump little pillow! You'd never guess that it had a King sized pillow case on it!

Here's where it's all neatly tucked in, and smoothed down. I don't talk about it much, but my first job was as a housekeeper with my best friend. She showed me how to tuck pillowcases like that -- and it really makes a difference, appearance-wise. Because I shake the pillow all the way down, it also plumps it, and tucking the end in keeps that lovely plumpness.

... I am overly proud of this, which is why I wrote this post. :-P

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