Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is all of the "pantry" space in this apartment. Because of this major lack of storage, the tea and random stuff is stored on top of the fridge,

pickles, extra sauce, sodas (basically if it's sealed) are stored under the sink,

root cellar veggies are stored in a basket also under the sink,

and we have a fruit bowl on the dining room table.

I really, really would prefer proper pantry space, and frankly, I'm not above storing 3 gallon buckets in the closet. I just feel that Mister is NOT a fan of such things. I think I'll start small, with stuff that only I eat. I think that 7-8 of the cardboard canisters of oatmeal will fit in one of those buckets, so I'll get one of those filled, and keep it in my closet (of course, I'm not fully moved in...)

So my plans involving food storage for this winter are: bring my food stores from my old apartment (black eyed peas, lentils, rice), get a 3 months supply of oatmeal (1 bucket), incorporate pickles and applesauce into meals, get more storage for beans.

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