Monday, October 4, 2010

Slightly Productive

So I wound up having a discussion with Mister yesterday about how to make a day not feel like a waste. Inevitably, I feel like Sundays are wasted, every week. We wake up late (circa 11, or 12), lounge around, get around to getting food at 2, and then I have to be at work by 4:30. Do you notice how little actual day there is?

When stating how I'm so sick of feeling like it was a wasted day, Mister started talking about the importance of having a day of rest. I was like, "but I don't want Sunday to be a day of rest!" After a little more non-committal "day of rest" talk, Mister mentions that perhaps HE wants Sundays to be a day of rest for HIM, as he works during the week.

Oh. Well, now why didn't you say that in the first place?

So we're going to work out some plans to give me stuff to do during the week. Yay!


In regards specifically to Sunday's productivity, I did get one important thing done: I gave three boxes of clothes to Goodwill. That required going through ALL of my clothes (I probably have the equivalent of 5 boxes of clothes left), sorting, boxing, and carting away. In addition to this great achievement, I got rid of a book.

Got rid of a book? Blasphemy you say. Let's just say that it needed to be done. One person reading this will understand that statement -- but I can't be any clearer on the internet.

Anyways... here's hoping that my productivity kicks up.

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