Thursday, October 7, 2010


This, is a squirrel. We are all familiar with squirrels. With what they do. With what they don't do. This is the story of a squirrel that did what it is not supposed to do.

So I'm walking down the sidewalk, a beautiful fall day (today). The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm on the phone with a coworker. As I walk, an acorn falls out of a tree. I start to think to myself 'ha, I love it when that happens', when the acorn is followed by a squirrel.


The squirrel lands not even three inches from my toes. I shriek OH MY GODS into my phone conversation (amusing, I am sure), and the squirrel skedaddles.

Squirrels are not supposed to fall out of trees.

When I recounted this to Mister, he starts laughing, and comments "That squirrel was going for that nut!" I suppose that is the only way to describe it.


  1. I've seen a squirrel dangle by it's forepaws from the top of a garage--just like a kid on a Jungle Jim--because an evil enormous black cat was sitting right below, looking up. I'm very grateful that one didn't go splat!

    The cat was then distracted by a cardinal.

  2. Also, I can hear foxes and stray dogs (we have a LOT of the latter) battle it out on the street outside as I type. It's a wildlifey day today.

  3. Oh animals -- will we never tire of your antics?