Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Plans for the Week

So Mister's kid sis is coming out this weekend. We're driving out at 6 am Saturday, picking her up, and turning around and driving back. We'll get back to town 11 am - noon. We'll be going to HONK! from 1 pm - 9 pm, and driving her back to school Sunday early afternoon.

That is all that's planned.

So! Since I apparently do nothing but talk about food (pointed look at MY kid sis), let's start with the planning for that. As a cool treat, I'd like to try to make baklava for this weekend. That will need to be made on Friday.

I think it makes sense to have a crock pot soup cooking for when we get into town, so I'll probably make a hearty bean/sausage soup similar to this one. I would also like to pick up a Jiffy Corn Bread for that. We'll have dinner out, and breakfast on Sunday out. We have apples and granola bars for the car rides. We'll need to make breakfast Saturday morning, but we'll have eggs and bacon or something equally hearty.

I'll need to do the laundry (I'm devoting Thursday to that), and clean the apartment -- bathroom and all. Luckily, Silvia (our cleaning lady) was here last Friday, so it's not in that bad of shape. This will also be the first that anyone on Mister's side of the family will have seen my ring. My entire family did. :-P

Ideally, I would also find a spare set of sheets for when the girl's here, I'll poke around my house for that. I've already gotten my down comforter (and washed the cover), a pillow, and we have the futon mattress hanging out as an extra seat in the living room.

The only other things to talk about are what to do around HONK!. We'll probably hit up a few cool thrift shops, go to Lush, I have to do a deposit at work, and maybe watch a movie. We might just sleep. :-P

Ingredients needed:
-- 1 lb. phyllo dough
-- ghee
-- 1 c. pistachios
-- 2 c. walnuts
-- orange blossom water
-- stock
-- sausage
-- bacon
-- Jiffy Corn bread
-- eggs
-- milk
-- butter

Stuff from My Apartment:
-- rose water
-- crock pot
-- pastry brush
-- sheets
-- pan to bake corn bread

Wednesday: TJ shopping
Thursday: Laundry, fetch stuff from my apartment
Friday: rest of shopping, baklava, soup prep

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