Friday, October 1, 2010

This One's For You K

So recently, my sister mentioned that she had a blog. "Send me the link!" I cry, and she complies. I start looking, and casually mention that -I- have a blog as well. And offer the link as fast as I can before she can request to not have it. That's how nice of a sister I am.

As she's flicking through my blog quickly (unlike my ever-thoughtful perusal of her own... :-P), she mentions "You like putting things in jars". That is entirely true, and I accede the point.

Flash forward a day, and I had open bags of beans on my ever-cluttered (and tiny) kitchen counter from delicious, bean soup. Thinking that I have to do something about them, I scrounge around for four jars. I find four jars, and stick the beans in them. Noticing a lonely PB jar hanging out begging for me to put tapioca in it, I kindly fill a small jar of black tapioca pearls as well.

This is the state of my newly jarred items up until today:

Beautiful, isn't it? I just love glass jars filled with yummy things. You can always see food! And it's all different colors, and highly prettiful. No, I do not have a problem, and yes, I am currently seeing a therapist, why do you ask?

Well, en route home from said therapist today, I stopped in at Trader Joe's for nibblies. As I was poking around the tasty foods in the store, I came to the dried food section. I love dried food -- it usually goes in jars. Well, as I had also been eating oatmeal a lot, and I'm out of dried rose hips, I needed something else to make my oatmeal exciting and tasty.

So! Enter the new contenders for the title of Newly Jarred Items:

We have almonds, cranberries, and banana chips. Om nom nom. And a fun note:

Rotti Largo ex-pasta sauce, now almonds! :-D


  1. Where on earth did you find Rotti Largo pasta sauce?

    And I would just like to point out that most of your blog is recipes, so yes, I more or less just skimmed it, but how often do you really read recipes for things that you're not planning on making right then?

    And, being the nice sister that you are, you could have linked my blog on your blog, you know ...

  2. Rotti Largo pasta sauce was in the grocery store of all things. Not actually a fan of it -- tastes like tomato, and not sauce.

    I wasn't sure if you wanted weirdos checking out your blog. It's on my blogroll, but... eh. Shall link it up.